How Do I Check on Existing Requests?

Austin Faxon -

There are two ways to follow-up on existing requests.

  1. Via Email
  2. By coming back here and viewing your Activities

Via Email

When you Submit a request to Advance Digital Technology Support here, you will receive an email with all of the details of your request.  You can simply reply to that email in order to follow-up on that request.

By coming back here and viewing your Activities

OK, you don't need to have a password or be logged in to submit requests to us BUT you do have to have a password in order to view your Activities.

Get a Password

To get a password, click on the "Sign in" button next to the "Submit a request" link all they way up there at the top of this page.  Then, click on the "Get a password" link and enter the email address you used when you submitted your request(s) to us.  We will send you an email verification to that email address that you can use to then setup your password with us.

Sign in

Now you're asking "OK, now what?".  Come back to us here and click on "Sign in" again and use your email address as your username and the password you just created to login.  Click on that button you used for sign in (that now has your email address in it) and view "My Activities".  You will see all of your requests and you will now be able to update them from the website here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You need to use your corporate email address in order to use our site.  Thanks!


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